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Paragon Group, Inc.
197 First Avenue, Suite 150 | Needham, MA 02494
Phone: (781) 237-5533; (800) 258-8912
Fax: (781) 453-0407

Group Show Director
Carolyn Weston, 781-343-1569,

Sales Director
Rich Casey, 781-343-1474,

Barbara Pudney, 781-343-1901,
Kate Schoon, 781-343-1280,

Advertising & PR
Chris Russell, 781-343-1661,

David Gerth, 781-343-1783,

Peg Rose, 781-343-1809,

Garry Edgar, 781-343-1492,

About Us:

Paragon Group, Inc. is an event marketer offering a wealth of corporate and managerial experience with an entrepreneurial edge. We take pride in customizing events to fit marketplace needs. We are known for producing exciting, quality and well attended consumer shows.

Paragon Group currently produces eight shows in the United States:

Boston Flower & Garden Show

National Golf Expo – Boston

Boston RV & Camping Expo

New England International Auto Show

Connecticut International Auto Show

Denver Auto Show

Jacksonville International Auto Show

New England Cannabis Convention – Boston

We collaborate with industry organizations in each of our markets to build partnerships that will enhance both the experiences of our attendees and the missions of the participating associations.

To learn more about the Paragon Group, please visit our corporate website.

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