Paragon Group creates vibrant and dynamic exhibitions. We bring buyers and sellers together in an environment that promotes opportunity and success for our customers. We connect businesses with the audiences they need to reach. We design creative marketing solutions and partnerships for sponsors.  The Boston RV & Camping Expo creates an experience to maximize your exposure to a qualified audience.  Whether your goal is to increase product and brand interaction, distribute samples, engage the audience or conduct sales, we will customize a package to deliver results. We deliver the right consumers at the right place and at the right time.

The Boston RV & Camping Expo is like no other event marketing opportunity available because our guests have specifically come for the purpose of obtaining information that will help them make their purchasing decisions. We provide a permission-based marketing environment.  The event marketing opportunity is a powerful addition to your advertising mix, because unlike the audience for your mass media advertising, event audiences aren’t channel surfing away from the commercials or filtering out the print ads. The audience is at the event because they want to be sold.  Event guests transport themselves to the event, most pay for parking, and then they pay to attend.

Our event provides an environment where you can showcase products and services first hand.  It is an excellent forum for product sampling, product launch, conducting product surveys, obtaining customer feedback and for product testing.  The Show can be used to capture database information generating sales leads and real-time research.  The Boston RV & Camping Expo provides an opportunity to share your corporate advertising message with consumers on an individual face-to-face basis.  This puts you in a unique position to tailor your selling points to the needs and wants of each consumer.  No other marketing avenue allows you to increase brand loyalty with customers one at a time as effectively.

Sponsorship levels range from presenting sponsor and official sponsor to hosting demonstrations, lecture presentations, special days or events, celebrity appearances and providing front door incentives.  Each level is designed to engage consumers and generate exposure, which can include pre-show advertising, social networking, hospitality options and on-site signage.

Boston RV & Camping Expo Attendee Facts

  • 55% of attendees camp 1-5 times a year, while 13% camp 6-10 times.  31% camp more than 10 times a year!
  • 58% camp with their families
  • 30% of attendees come to the Expo every year
  • 75% of attendees are from Massachusetts

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact David Gerth at 781-343-1783 or by email.

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